Three Effective Marketing with Facebook Live

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A new marketing strategy is taking Facebook by storm. Facebook live is a video stream originating in Facebook, but the exciting part is it streams live and then becomes a video available for replay. Check out the latest statistics and some tips to make marketing with Facebook live work for your business.

A video on Facebook is viewed ten times more than a photo or text. Ten times is a massive reach increase for those who are simply using photo and text marketing strategies. Facebook's developers know people will watch a video more and therefore a live video feed is pushed to the top of your audience's timeline. This point is so important because you are getting to reach everyone logging on with the help of Facebook for free. 

Here are a few tips to create an effective live video:

Call to Action

The end of your video must have a strong call to action. Advertising that captures your attention but leaves you hanging as to what was being advertised is a waste of time. Be clear about what you are trying to tell your audience and how to call them to act once the video has ended. 

Be Real

Live streaming video does not have to be perfect. Be human and real. These qualities will help your audience connect with you. Realness also helps your viewers feel as though they can reach out to you more comfortably. Connections turn a viewer into a customer. 


Further help build connection with your viewers through engagement. If you do not engage with those who comment on your videos or message you, you are in essence ignoring a potential customer. As you reply to the comments, Facebook will view the video as popular and keep bumping it in the feed. 

Do not miss out on using Facebook's live video option. Contact us today and we will help you get the most out of Facebook live for your business.

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