The New Facebook News Feed and What it Means for Your Business Page

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In case you missed it, Facebook will soon start showing more status updates from friends and family in users' news feeds. The idea is to spark more meaningful social exchanges like parents discussing what bedtime stories to read to children, or newsy articles or videos on topics users really care about. This action is in response to user feedback that posts from business and media are crowding out the personal interaction that's the fundamental purpose of Facebook.

The End of Business Pages?

Does this change mean businesses will no longer be able to create and post on business pages? No. But what it does mean is that posting lots of links to blog posts and web pages, clever memes and videos, and other content will no longer be enough to get seen in people's news feeds, no matter how many likes and followers your page has. Pages with posts that don't see a lot of engagement - in the form of shares, or discussion on the post itself - may see their reach decrease.

Overcome Paralysis

What often happens when businesses are faced with a significant change like this is a sort-of temporary paralysis. They don't know yet exactly what to do, so they wait for someone else to figure things out, then follow their lead. But if you'd like to position yourself at the head of the pack in this new Facebook environment, there is really a very simple solution to this problem.

Return To Content 1.0

To be successful at marketing in this new Facebook reality, businesses will likely have to focus more on the quality of their content, not the volume. That may actually mean posting less frequently while making what you do post really thought-provoking and worthy of discussion and sharing. The more discussion and sharing, the better.

An Easy Way To Start

As a start, consider posting the entire text of your latest blog post rather than just a link to it. Then, and this is important, replace the call-to-action (CTA) from the blog post to a CTA at the end of your Facebook post asking the reader to leave a comment and share the post. If your post really is remarkable, people will comment and share. Finally, and this is also important, respond to all comments you receive, and thank those who shared your post. This simple idea is also applicable to videos. Rather than posting a link to your thought-provoking YouTube video, upload the video itself to Facebook and ask for comments and shares. Of course, continue to use the Facebook live feature, and ask for comments and shares.

If there's one constant in the world of business, it's that there will always be change. Those who understand that and get out in front of it will enjoy greater success. Contact us today for help getting out in front of this and other changes in social media marketing.

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