How to get more Instagram Followers

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Finding and keeping followers for your Instagram account can be a very confusing and stressful process, especially if you have just barely started. It is very discouraging that even when you post quality content that no one seems to like or follow you. As a someone who runs a successful Instagram page, I can understand completely how you may feel. Here are the three tips and strategies that I have learned and used that have given me success.


1. Using the right Hashtags. Before you hit send on your post, make sure you include the right Hashtags. Hashtags are simply words with the pound sign ( # ) before the word. This will make the word stand out in bold, and it will pop up as a new photo to people scrolling Instagram. The amount of people you reach and the type of person who will see the photo will depend on the word you use. For example, #love will reach hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, from beauticians to preachers of religion. Whereas #Ilovecutekittens is too specific and will not reach as many people. Make your Hashtags general and Google today's most popular Hashtags.

2. Post at the right time. In order for you to reach people, they need to be awake. Lucky for you, Instagram is popular all around the globe. Different posts and different Hashtags will be better at different times. The most popular times are between 4pm-9pm depending on your target audience. This is the time people are coming home from work and children are out of school. Make sure to look up what time zone your target audience is in and post at the correct time. As you continue to post you will reach more of your target audience, which brings me to the last tip;

3. Post your content consistently. Whatever you choose to post, you need to continue to post on a daily or weekly average. As more people view, like, and follow your Instagram account, your posts will be shown to more people. As you post on a regular basis you will generate momentum. Don't be discouraged if your posts only give you 2-10 followers at first, and you post more often that number will multiply exponentially. A word of caution, if your daily posts are too frequent you will be halting the momentum from your previous posts. Try to limit your daily posting to between 1-3 posts a day if you are posting daily. Continue to do these steps and you will eventually become an Instagram celebrity!

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