2018 Social Strategies for Local Business

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Did you know that earlier this year Facebook began rolling out the capability to use video as the cover photo on your business page? That ought to put a twinkle in your mind's eye. Yet few businesses seem to have taken advantage of this new feature so far. That's probably because there were some issues with it early on. But they seem to have most of the bugs worked out so there's no good reason not to take advantage of this slick new feature. Here are just a few of the many ways you can use cover videos to more effectively promote your business on Facebook.

Demonstrate your products in action. 

If you market physical products, your cover video is a great place to show those products in action. You can also demonstrate a service on your cover video. This is a new twist on an old concept - businesses have been using demonstration videos for years. But when you use your cover video to demonstrate a product or service, your visitor sees it as soon as they land on your Facebook page.

Tour your location.

Whether yours is a manufacturing business where everything is done behind the scenes, or a restaurant where people come to be served, giving your customers and prospects a video tour of your location is a great way to forge a more intimate connection with them. Of course, no tour is complete without an introduction to your team.

Provide a video menu.

You may think this idea only applies to restaurants and other food service businesses, but it can easily be adapted to other businesses. Sure, restaurants can create a slide show video of their most popular dishes. But an antique dealer could just as easily create a slide show video of select pieces they have for sale. The same is true for car dealers; and the list could go on and on.

Share customer testimonials.

If you publish customer testimonials on your website, you'll recognize the value of this idea right away. Whether you have written testimonials, video clips, or a combination, you can stitch several brief testimonials together into a video montage.

In Conclusion: 

Hopefully, this post got your creative juices flowing and you came up with even more ideas for how you can use video as your Facebook cover image. For more inspiration, check out the Facebook pages linked below. 

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