4 Types of Videos for Social Media and Content Marketing

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Here's why you need a video marketing strategy for your marketing campaigns.

  • Adding a video to marketing materials more than doubles click-through rates
  • Adding a video to landing pages increases conversions by 80%
  • 1/3 of time spent on the internet involves watching a video
  • Customers are 64% more likely to buy a product after watching a video

Knowing what types of video to include with your marketing campaigns will help you take advantage of the power of video.

4 Types of Videos for Social Media and Content Marketing

Explainer Videos

You created a product or a service. It's great. It solves the problems of your target audience. You're a trusted authority in your industry. So why aren't you seeing results? 

It might be because your audience doesn't really understand how it works or how it can solve their problems. If, however, they had an enthusiastic, well-spoken individual explain the product or service in a short video, they would understand how it works. 

They might even buy it.

Promotional Videos

Don't confuse a social promotional video with a television commercial--although a bad promotional video will be treated equally. Nobody wants their digital searches interrupted by a video they don't want to watch, so you better make that promotional video worth watching.

A good promotional video does the following:

  • creates a personal bond by identifying a common enemy
  • provokes curiosity, which will lead to click-throughs
  • provides value and a great offer
  • incorporates movement and rhetoric
  • includes a memorable tagline and a call-to-action

How-To Videos

In a digital world, customers still want to know there's a human willing to help them. A well done how-to video makes you a likable expert in your industry and demonstrates you are there to serve customers after the sale. 

How important are how-to videos? Internet users watch more than 20-million hours of how-to videos every month.

Here's how to create a successful one

  • Find out precisely what problems your customers need solved. People watch how-to videos to solve a problem.
  • Write a detailed script. You're giving detailed instructions, after all. Be prepared.
  • Provide a hook in the first few seconds. Attention spans are short in the digital world.
  • Keep it simple. Don't overwhelm the consumer. 
  • Provide a call-to-action. They just took the time to watch your video. They think you're the greatest person ever to grace the internet. They want to take action.



An interview allows industry influencers to influence your audience. Getting the help of an influencer, of course, requires you to provide value for the influencer and his or her audience.

Interview subjects are not limited to industry influencers. You can make your business more human by interviewing employees or provide social proof by interviewing customers.

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