The Pros and Cons of Working with Micro-Influencer Marketing

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Most companies who are working with influencers are paying them thousands of dollars every day to produce massive return-on-investment. As a startup owner, you don’t have that kind of cash lying around.  

So instead of breaking the bank to work with social media ambassadors, you may consider working with micro-influencers.   Micro-influencers are personalities on social media who generally have small follower counts and lower likes per picture, yet their engagement rates can beat out some of the top players in the game.  

While these influencers can produce great results for your business, it’s always important to weight the benefits and downfalls of any marketing decision you make. Let’s take a quick look at what you’ll be working with in a typical campaign.  


· Lower cost – If you don’t have a very high marketing budget, micro-influencers are your holy grail. While working with larger accounts can rack up thousands of dollars in marketing expenses, a typical micro-influencer campaign will only run you around $100-$500.  

· Higher engagement – Often, smaller accounts have much stronger communities compared your typical social media stars, albeit less followers. This allows greater interaction between influencer and follower, which correlates to a higher engagement rate on their posts.  

· Highly targeted messaging – With micro-influencers, you can promote your product or service within targeted and tight-knit communities that revolve around your business’s ideals.  


· Higher risk – Sometimes, newer social media accounts will buy fake followers to forge popularity or account growth. Be sure to always check your potential business partners for suspicious activity with a tool like Social Blade.  

· Lower viral capacity -- Hiring larger influencers increases the likelihood that your product will go viral within the platform’s user base. The chance of this happening with smaller accounts is not as high.  

All in all, these social media personalities are worth trying to see if they fit your business strategy.  

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