How to Hashtag Your Way To a Larger Client Base

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Hashtagging is a defining aspect of modern social media strategies. The little pound signs have practically gained infamy in the social media community nowadays. While it's widely agreed that going overboard with hashtags is likely to have a negative impact on content, learning how to use them effectively can bridge the gap between potential clients and your business. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your hashtags:

Attract More Clients. A major upside of using hashtags: instant connection with people interested in your market! Hashtags are often treated similarly to search engines by most users. They use them to find more content similar to things they have an interest in. This is useful not only for reaching your target audience, but connecting with potential collaborators as well. 

Stay Up to Date. Competition in the world of social media is tighter than ever with users being able to quickly find and compare similar businesses in the same market. That being said; you can use hashtags to your advantage by tracking trends within them and then curate your content to match what people are looking for. Most social media outlets list how many people are posting within a hashtag, so if a tag you frequently use is losing popularity, consider finding one that is similar but searched more. 

Tag Your Brand. Possibly the most useful (yet underrated) aspect of hashtags is their usefulness in brand development. Making sure to hashtag not only your business name, but any slogans or tag-lines not only builds up a more SEO-friendly online presence, but creates a virtual gallery of all of your social media content. This makes it easy for potential clients to see past and present content, and widen your virtual footprint as a brand! 

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