Which Social Media Outlet is Right for You?

A concise and deliberate social media strategy is the key to success when it comes to expanding a client base. Each social media outlet has its own built-in demographic, and it's important to be able to evaluate which site would benefit your business more. Below we've broken down the four most popular social media sites and their key demographics/uses:

Facebook. It's a well-known fact that Facebook is the reigning leader in the world of social media. Being the world's largest network has its advantages and active promotion on Facebook gives your brand access to a wider audience. With new additions to their algorithms and the added ability to "promote" your posts among demographics, an active Facebook presence is necessary for almost any brand/business.

Instagram. Instagram is a very useful tool for brands that are more visually oriented. If your business/brand involves a product or aesthetic, Instagram is a great platform since its content posting centers around images. Their user base tends to be younger, and much more interactive than other platforms. Just as with Facebook, you can promote Instagram posts as well which is a useful way to increase the scope of your reach. 

Snapchat. Businesses are slowly coming to recognize Snapchat as a viable marketing tool. The platform itself has grown rapidly since its 2011 release. Snapchat is another easy way to reach a younger audience, which comprises the majority of its users. This platform favors shorter, and more creative content as pictures and videos cannot be viewed for more than 10 seconds. Snapchat is also a fun way you can give your target audience a behind-the-scenes look at the daily goings-on of your business.  

Twitter. Twitter is a long-established social media hub, focusing primarily on brief text-based content. It has a more evenly distributed user age-range that overall makes a higher income. Twitter is a particularly useful tool for businesses that need more back-links to their sites, or wish to relay information quickly with their target audience.

Focusing on one or more of these social media platforms is a great way to expand and connect with your target audience in a way that actively reflects your brand!

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