Social Media News: Facebook Changes Mission Statement and Why You Should Care

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Facebook changed its mission statement on June 22nd to be to "bring the world closer together" at this year's Communities Summit for top Group administrators, according to TechCrunch. Facebook also announced new tools that would help support this goal. 

Zuckerberg said that the company's past goal of creating a way for people to be more open and connected hasn't worked as well as he would have liked. "We have a responsibility to do more," he said. 

This is what led him to the company's new mission, which takes that idea further and not only connects more people but tries to bring them closer together through that connection. This new focus will be a difficult one. Zuckerberg notes that society is very divided on a number of issues. 

Social media marketers can take a cue from the social media site's refocused vision and incorporate these same ideas into their Facebook efforts. Social media marketing is about building a community and driving engagement. If you focus on bringing the people you reach closer together, you'll have a tighter knit and more enthusiastic fan base than ever. 

Facebook approaches 2 billion monthly users. Zuckerberg wants to connect those users with each other and build meaningful communities online. 

"If we can do this it will not only reverse the whole decline in community membership we've seen around the world... but it will also strengthen out social fabric and bring the world closer together," Zucker was quoted saying by TechCrunch. 

While Facebook's overall goals are likely different from your own, the idea that you need to foster positive, meaningful relationships online and especially on social media should be a paramount concern for every business. 

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