The Power of a Social Media Fundraising Campaign

The ultimate purpose of any social media marketing campaign is to connect with your target audience. Whether you are profit or non-profit business, utilizing the power of social media to launch a fundraising campaign can be dually beneficial in any capacity. On average, social media users typically view everything from news and feedback to gossip and reviews as they scroll through their social media timelines. While they are mainly presented with posts from their friends, family members and followers - they are also presented with suggested content based on popularity, individual search history and other factors.

Incorporating a fundraising campaign into the social media marketing for your business can generate many positive impacts.

Strengthen Rapport. Your current customer base and social media following has undoubtedly established a sense of trust for your brand and a love for your products/services. Showcasing your support for a fundraiser can help you connect with your current customer base on a more personal level while introducing your brand, product and/or services to a completely new base of potential customers.

Establish New Relationships. Joining forces with community organizations, local charities and other non-profit organizations can create a multitude of opportunities for both you and the organization. Creating a social media fundraising campaign can help you establish a stronger sense of community involvement, bring you closer to consumers and enable you to be a part of a much bigger cause than business profit.

Allow RealTime Outsource the Honor to Help

We have worked with many small businesses and local organizations launch and maintain effective social media fundraising campaigns that connect reliable supporters, consumers and volunteers showcase their passion for like-causes. In turn, we have helped businesses increase their following, strengthen their brand identity and generate more leads/sales for their business in the interim.

Our team can help you create unique, engaging social media content that is guaranteed to circulate the Internet to reach the right audiences. Let us help you showcase your support to the world and increase your fan base!

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