What Makes a Dream for Marketers


Get in on the ground floor with this interactive and platform compatible social media app. This will be a fun way to interact with your potential customers and create videos. The following are reasons why your new dream marketing app.

Works with other popular social media platforms

            Twitter and Instagram work well with this app. Often popular videos will show on Twitter when certain hashtags are tied to them. The app also allows you to pick an image to use when sharing and you can use your Instagram to make that image. This gives you access to more filters when creating your enticing image.

Editing and adding music to your videos is easy

You don’t have have to be a video genius to make a video, the app is very user friendly. Plus, adding music to your video is rather simple. The app has plenty of songs to choose from and, if you want, you can just upload a song from your phone to the app.

The best part about using this app for videos, you get to have fun! Not all marketing tools allow you to play as much as this one does. The people using the app clearly love making the videos. So HAVE FUN!

Reach more of your audience

Any type of online presence adds to your visibility and reach. By using this app, it will add to your organic search coverage. Meaning when somebody searches your company’s page, the amount of “real estate” your company takes up on the SERP will increase.

            In addition, some of your audience will likely be using this app. If your company is as well you will be able to stay in contact with them. They will also get to visually see why your company would be the right one to work with.

People more likely to watch a video over reading text

            Videos are 60,000 times easier for the brain to process over reading a text. That is why more marketing plans have dedicated more of their budget towards videos. This app allows you to make videos for cheaper while reaching an audience with untapped potential (since most companies aren’t targeting this platform yet).

Want to live stream?

The company who created launched to live stream videos. That means that the live streaming you might like with platforms, like Snapchat, you can now do on You will also have the editing tools, so you won’t have to constantly retake the video to make it perfect!

Create a branding vibe

            While some businesses have a certain way of talking to customers, You can have that and more! You can have certain songs you associate with your brand, an attitude and tone that your customers will think of you when they hear those songs other places.

Time limits on videos means smaller amounts of content to create

            These videos are only 15-30 seconds long, which means you can be creative without having to waste time on long scripts or ideas. If you have more than one idea you want to do you can do a series of videos and just let your users know.

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