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Content in what makes the social media environment go 'round. What social media users want is content they can talk about, share, and be engaged with. In our experience, without relevant and frequently updated content, your audience is likely to see your page as stale. In turn, they pay less attention to your brand and may turn to more compelling content from other companies. We don't want that to happen, and we work hard to create a message that is both engaging to the audience, while successfully delivering your brands message. At Real-Time, we work with you to create engaging and interesting content to keep your brand relevant in the social media world.

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Facts About Social Media

Facts about Social Media

  • Social media is not FREE; it takes time & training or the investment in a professional team to optimize your SMM sites
  • Social media will not lead to instant ROI, to see ultimate success it will take time to build your fan base; then leads turn into sales and customers refer your brand
  • Social media can be outsourced, but YOU have to be involved in the process
  • Social Media planning is only 20% of the battle, the other 80% is the time it takes putting the plan into action daily. Any great plan can sit in a file cabinet, without implementation you will never see success.



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