Top 6 Must Do’s to Real-time Brandscaping Success!

Brandscaping is not a new invention in marketing… the definition is “The creation of mutually beneficial partnerships between brands that help increase demand”.  For me I’m constantly working to learn how we can take our clients social & real-time media campaigns to the next level.   After a great meeting with my friend James Navarro at Digital Gear, he mentioned the book “Brandscaping” by Andrew M. Davis.  This book has truly changed my understanding as to the power of unleashing partnerships.   I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to really take your Real-time Marketing to the next level with partners that care about your brand. 


Top Five Trends for Real-time Marketing in 2014 and Beyond!!

It’s somewhat hard to predict the future for Real-time Marketing as it’s changing rapidly and growing faster than any form of media in the past 100 years.  Everyone, including grandparents, have Facebook & Twitter accounts, where they are being updated with the social networks that they’ve created for themselves.  However we have some predictions for the future…

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How to Turn a Negative into a Positive

The interaction between customer and business has absolutely changed over the years. When communities were full of small businesses, word-of-mouth and the reputation of the business would quite literally make or break them. As large corporations began to take over many small businesses, the customer lost their voice and the impact they had with their buying power.


Top Tips to Increase Facebook Fans

Create and share original content: behind the scenes photos, product photos, and thoughtful or inspirational images are all excellent ideas paired with interesting messages or conversation-starters.


What is social networking?

alt The power of social networking is in the value of it's audience. A recent survey came out showing that 50% of consumers value a brand's Facebook page more than it's website. So what does this say about the power of social networking? Since social networking technology became available, consumers have changed the way they research, communicate, and interact. 5 years ago the "like" button didn't exist, and now it's just as common as a website.


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