What is social networking?

alt The power of social networking is in the value of it's audience. A recent survey came out showing that 50% of consumers value a brand's Facebook page more than it's website. So what does this say about the power of social networking? Since social networking technology became available, consumers have changed the way they research, communicate, and interact. 5 years ago the "like" button didn't exist, and now it's just as common as a website.


Social Media Tips for Local Businesses

alt Are you a small advertising agency managing your clients' social media? Are you having trouble gaining the response that you're looking for? We've helped our agency clients understand how to more effectively use social media, and we want to spread the knowledge. Here are a few tips:


3 Brands brought back to Life from Social Media

altWith every new advertising platform and campaign comes the opportunity to brand a product, business, or company in a fresh and unique way. Social media has been an excellent example of how brands can create new buzz and breathe new life into the same old brand. We found some of our favorites and took a brief look at how they were successful. By going where the people are, being authentic and honest in their communication while mindful of their goals and intentions, these brands created credible and memorable social media campaigns. 

How to win at Social Media...Personality > Branding

There are many advertising, marketing, and public relations basics - but none more important than understanding the personality of the brand, company, or cause you are representing. Social networking allows brands the opportunity to interact with their consumers, but social media is just that - an opportunity.


6 Simple Secrets to being a “Social Networker”


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