Are Your Social Media Landing Pages Ready for Prime Time?


For businesses these days, maintaining a Twitter and Facebook account is as important as having a telephone number. In many cases, more so. Customer engagement on social media is at an all time high and shows no signs of slowing down. Consumers have come to expect their customer experience to extend to their favorite social channels and if you’re not there to meet them, your competitors will be happy to step up to the plate.


QR Codes: 5 Tips You Need Right Now

QR Code on Bus

Quick Response (QR) codes first hit the marketing scene back in the 90s and quickly revealed themselves as a great way to provide actionable information in a tidy little package. Many cities use QR codes to provide public transportation route information, museums use them to offer detailed content about exhibits, and businesses offer coupons and promotions via the handy codes.


5 Tips to Manage a Social Media Crisis

Panic Button

What do disgruntled employees, hackers, and misguided social media managers all have in common? The ability to tarnish your company’s reputation with a single erroneous, ill-timed, or malicious status update on one of your social channels .

Whether a PR crisis stems from an honest mistake or a deliberate attempt to draw negative attention to your brand, here’s what to do when a social media update draws the wrong kind of attention from your fans and followers.


What to Do When Your Social Media Manager Quits

Social Media Managers Leaves

You’ve got Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest campaigns planned through year’s end, everything is humming along smoothly, and your analytics look great. Suddenly your social media manager announces she’s taking a job overseas. Don’t panic! Here’s an easy five-point plan to save your sanity and keep your campaigns on track.


Do's & Don'ts for Outsourcing your Social Media

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In an ideal world, every marketing department has an unlimited budget and endless time to spend on social media but that’s not really a reality for most businesses. Outsourcing sometimes gets a bad rap but it’s often the best strategy for businesses who want the most bang for their limited marketing buck.


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