Three Effective Marketing with Facebook Live

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A new marketing strategy is taking Facebook by storm. Facebook live is a video stream originating in Facebook, but the exciting part is it streams live and then becomes a video available for replay. Check out the latest statistics and some tips to make marketing with Facebook live work for your business.

A video on Facebook is viewed ten times more than a photo or text. Ten times is a massive reach increase for those who are simply using photo and text marketing strategies. Facebook's developers know people will watch a video more and therefore a live video feed is pushed to the top of your audience's timeline. This point is so important because you are getting to reach everyone logging on with the help of Facebook for free. 


How to Find Instagram Influencers to Work With in 2018!

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Influencer marketing is an important part of any modern marketing campaign, and Instagram is one of the best places to implement this strategy. Instagram's strong suit is its ability to showcase beautiful images and videos. Through influencer marketing, you can craft a strong message to the followers of a specific person with a big following on the social network. Finding the right people on Instagram isn't easy, though, and it's one of the most important parts of influencer marketing. Here are a few tips that will help you identify good Instagram influencers to work with. 


Social Media News: Snapchat's New Influencer Analytics Tools

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Social media network Snapchat has finally given its top creators some special analytics tools. The Snapchat influencers who are a part of the network's Snapchat's Official Stories program or users who have large following have access to the new tools. Not everyone gets access to these features, and Snapchat declined to comment on specifically how many accounts will have access to the new analytics data and tools. 


Three Marketing Myths to Ditch in 2018

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When it comes to figuring out the best way to execute a social media marketing campaign, it's best to go with data-driven science. Simply put, this means that if something isn't working, you need to identify it early, learn what you can from it, and find ways to pivot or change your approach. Whether the focus of your social media efforts is on content, search engine optimization, or inbound marketing, here are three myths about social media marketing that we all need to ditch in 2018.


How to use Twitter to Gain and Retain Customers

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It's no secret that traditional advertising has had to make room for social media marketing. But how you do even begin using social media to gain and retain customers? The best place to start is with Twitter. In the last two years, Twitter has become quite the vehicle for social media marketing efforts. While they may not pay off as quickly as TV or radio ads, those efforts will go a long way toward creating those highly coveted conversions.


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