How Social Has Changed Business Forever

Given the prevalence of social media in our culture, it’s hard to believe it was barely a blip on our radar a mere decade ago. However, the impact it’s made on the business world is undeniable. It’s changed the way businesses relate to each other and how brands engage customers. Competitors let their hair down Traditionally, companies have only acknowledged their competitors in ways that highlight their own strengths and downplay the competition. Thanks to social media, brands have discovered that a little light-hearted banter with other brands in the same space can have a positive impact on customer perception. The marketing teams behind the social accounts for Kit Kat candy bars and Oreo cookies took an opportunity to have a little fun with each other when a Twitter user Laura Ellen proclaimed her love for both snacks. Kit Kat made the first move.


The Key Ingredient to Social Media Contests


This week I was asked by a social marketer, from a huge social media brand, what is the secret to a successful contest? I had to pause to think about my past success with contests, and what worked best! It’s a tough question, because based on the prizes; we have seen some huge results of every kind. However, when it comes to our most consistent and successful contests, I always think about timeline contests! Timeline contests are those that allow fans to participate for a chance to win a prize, and they are a great way to leverage engagement!


Why Advertising Agencies are missing the boat with Social?

This week I had the largest advertising agency in the United States reach out to me in a panic! During our conversation, I could tell the sense of urgency based on the first three seconds of the call.

“We’re in trouble” is the first thing I hear! I asked, “What is the trouble?” The agency CEO replied, “We lost our Digital Marketing Manager, and he took our only two Social Media Managers to start up his own digital agency. Now he’s trying to take our clients. We have 20+ clients and we don’t have anyone ready to help us manage. Can you help?”


How to Create a Social Celebrity

Something I’ve always been fascinated with is the power of celebrities on social networks.  Fortune 500 companies have more money to focus on advertising and marketing, but they all pale in comparison to celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Justin Bieber!


The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make In Social

I was inspired to write this blog after having an in-depth conversation about engagement. This client’s first comment to me was, “We don’t want comments or engagement.”  I honestly about lost it with this statement, but I kept composed and said with definite affirmation “Social is all about engagement, if you’re not focused on it, then you’re failing.


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