Why Trump dominates Twitter

Whether you agree or disagree with his politics, there’s no denying that Donald Trump has made a splash on Twitter. His tweets and updates are noted, analyzed, and talked about almost as much as anything else he’s done on the campaign trail this year. What’s his secret and why is he dominating Twitter? Let’s take a look.


Proven Strategies for Getting more Shares on Social Media

Grooming and growing social media accounts takes a lot of hard work and dedication but it’s also incredibly rewarding and wonderful to watch your brand grow as a result. Increased customer engagement is the target of all your social efforts and part of that strategy involves encouraging followers to share your content. Are you following these best practices for getting more shares on social media?


Why the Dallas Cowboys are America's Social Team

The Dallas Cowboys are known for having twice the engagement on social media than the any other team in the NFL. In fact, they generated around 27.7 million interactions with fans in a single month. What’s their secret? Great insight into how social media works and a smart team of marketers who use all kinds of approaches to keep the buzz going. Take a look.

Facebook: 8 million likes

Sports fans love to talk with each other; dissecting each play, comparing stats, and speculating about the results of the next game. The Dallas Cowboys’ Facebook page is a perfect place to interact with friends, fans, and even the team. From Q & As with players to contests and inside news, Facebook is the go-to spot to keep the tailgating conversations alive long after the play clock winds down. 

Have a question for Cole Beasley? Join us on Friday for a Twitter Q & A courtesy of Dr Pepper #OneOfAKindCamp

Instagram: Over 1 million followers

The Cowboys’ Instagram account has over a million followers and it’s easy to see why. Captivating images and shareable videos give fans a reason to keep coming back for more. 

Twitter: 1.32 million followers

The Cowboys’ marketing team updates its Twitter feed several times per day, making it the first stop for up-to-the-minute news on players, training camp, and game coverage. It’s a terrific combination of serious tweets and a lighthearted look at player antics on and off the field. 

G+: Over 657K followers

The Dallas Cowboys marketing team understands that not everyone uses the more popular social media channels so they’ve set up a G+ account for fans who want to the same kind of content found on other social sites. The advantage with G+ is that is easy for people who use Google products to like, share, and save social content about their favorite team without leaving the Google environment. 



How Social Has Changed Business Forever

Given the prevalence of social media in our culture, it’s hard to believe it was barely a blip on our radar a mere decade ago. However, the impact it’s made on the business world is undeniable. It’s changed the way businesses relate to each other and how brands engage customers. Competitors let their hair down Traditionally, companies have only acknowledged their competitors in ways that highlight their own strengths and downplay the competition. Thanks to social media, brands have discovered that a little light-hearted banter with other brands in the same space can have a positive impact on customer perception. The marketing teams behind the social accounts for Kit Kat candy bars and Oreo cookies took an opportunity to have a little fun with each other when a Twitter user Laura Ellen proclaimed her love for both snacks. Kit Kat made the first move.


The Key Ingredient to Social Media Contests


This week I was asked by a social marketer, from a huge social media brand, what is the secret to a successful contest? I had to pause to think about my past success with contests, and what worked best! It’s a tough question, because based on the prizes; we have seen some huge results of every kind. However, when it comes to our most consistent and successful contests, I always think about timeline contests! Timeline contests are those that allow fans to participate for a chance to win a prize, and they are a great way to leverage engagement!


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