Social Business in a Mobile World

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You’re not imagining it, mobile devices really are everywhere. Statistics show that 90 percent of American adults own a cell phone and 58 percent of them are smartphones. When people aren’t texting or checking email, they’re surfing the internet or checking their social networks. Sometimes even while they’re in the shower!


8 Reasons Your Local Business Needs Yelp

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Yelp, the company that relies on crowdsourcing for reviews and user recommendations, is most closely associated with diners and local eateries. It might surprise you, though, to find out that Yelp’s biggest category isn’t restaurants, it’s shopping. In fact, with over 20 categories of businesses and services, Yelp is a great platform nearly any company to find and engage customers.


LinkedIn Will Be a Powerhouse in 2015

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When you think of social networks, Facebook or Twitter is probably the first thing that comes to mind -- but they’re not the only game in town. There’s another popular platform that’s used by 332 million people worldwide and gains two new members every second. At least 40 percent of its users check the site’s activity daily and more than eight percent visit during work hours. What site is it?   LinkedIn.


Why Is LinkedIn the Most Powerful Business Network?

Why Is LinkedIn the Most Powerful Business Network?

This past week, I had a prominent CEO from an up and coming startup reach out to me via LinkedIn message. After a few conversations back and forth I was really able to understand what his business was trying to solve and I genuinely felt personally connected to him. I was thinking to myself, “there is no other social network that connects me to like-minded CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, Social Marketers, and potential clients like LinkedIn.” Unlike other platforms for business that struggle to connect, messages can be blocked by privacy settings, tweets go unanswered because they look like spam, and emails are full of non-personal marketing that doesn’t relate.


How to Hire a Top-Notch Social Marketer


Busy business owners know that the key to keeping things running smoothly is to surround themselves with smart people who excel at what they do. They rely on a cadre of accountants, IT professionals, legal eagles, advertising gurus, and others who specialize in their line of work.

Social marketing is a fast growing industry and companies everywhere are clamoring to find the best social marketers in the field. If you’re ready to add a savvy social marketer to your team, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Begin your search by identifying the role your social marketer will play within your company. Will she be part of the marketing department or report directly to the owner? Will his budget come out of advertising or the general fund? Do you want an employee or a contractor? These are all important factors in finding someone who is just the right fit for the job.

Next, look at the timelines of some social media accounts you admire. Note what it is that you like so you can share your vision with the prospective social marketers you interview. Use this information as a springboard to discussions about your goals for your social accounts.

When you’re ready to start interviewing, LinkedIn is a good place to begin. Let your contacts know you’re looking and be sure to use the platform’s robust search features to find candidates that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Remember, you’re looking for a highly-skilled specialist to manage one of the biggest customer-facing components of your company. Your great-aunt Betty may think her fresh-out-of-high-school niece is perfect for the job, but you should probably politely decline in favor of finding someone with the skills, knowledge, and ability to get the job done perfectly.

Make sure your candidate has a strong social presence across multiple major social networking platforms. A good social marketer is also well-versed in various social media management and analytics tools, as well as up and coming new platforms that aren’t yet widely used.

Check out the posting history on the professional accounts of a social marketer before you commit to bringing them on board. You can tell a lot about someone’s level of professionalism and skill by looking at how they maintain their timelines.

Watch out for these red flags:

● Profane language.

● Racist, homophobic, or sexist content.

● Repeated, long gaps in posting history.

● Frequent typos or grammatical errors.

● Low number of followers or fans.

● Lots of retweets, quotes, memes, and other unoriginal content.

● Little to no engagement with other users.

You wouldn’t get a haircut from a bedraggled stylist, so don’t let someone maintain your social accounts if theirs are a mess.

Hiring a social marketer can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with everything the job entails. Just take your time and don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions. Soon you’ll have a sparkling new team member who’s ready to take your social media to soaring new heights.

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