The Biggest Mistake Businesses Make In Social

I was inspired to write this blog after having an in-depth conversation about engagement. This client’s first comment to me was, “We don’t want comments or engagement.”  I honestly about lost it with this statement, but I kept composed and said with definite affirmation “Social is all about engagement, if you’re not focused on it, then you’re failing.


5 Ways to Empower Your Social Team

You’ve interviewed dozens of companies and finally found the right team to manage your brand’s social media presence. Now comes the hard part: handing over the keys and letting them drive the bus. It’s difficult to do but it’s important to empower your social team so they can shine for you. Here are some tips for letting go of the reins.


Why Are Social Marketers Stuck in the 90s?


Setting aside Left Shark for the moment, so many of today’s viral videos and shares on social media are a call back to the 90s.


Why Social Business Demands Customer Value


Social Business is an ever evolving arena, and the main concern I’ve been hearing is about VALUE!


3 Twitter Strategies to Authentically Growing

Today I was asked this great question…. How do you have 37,300+ followers on Twitter?   My quick response was it takes time, a lot of targeted advertising, or just luck!   With the abundance of brands working to build their followings on Twitter, I thought I’d give three of my Twitter strategies that I use daily to build my following!


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