Beating Your Competition at Social Business


Once upon a time social media was just for people who wanted to catch up with college chums or trade pictures of their lunch. Now it’s a treasure trove of opportunity for brands who want to connect and engage with customers. Today 77 percent of Fortune 500 companies manage at least one Twitter account and 70 percent are on Facebook. A whopping 93 percent of marketers turn to social media to enhance their marketing strategies.


Why Instagram Will Go Viral in 2015

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According to a new estimate by Wall Street analysts, popular photo-sharing website Instagram could be worth as much as $35 billion and may outpace Twitter as one of the most popular social networks on the planet. The site already reports a user base of over 300 million and that number may hit 420 million by the end of 2015.

What’s behind Instagram’s rocket to the top of the social media food chain? Let’s take a look:


Social Business in a Mobile World

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You’re not imagining it, mobile devices really are everywhere. Statistics show that 90 percent of American adults own a cell phone and 58 percent of them are smartphones. When people aren’t texting or checking email, they’re surfing the internet or checking their social networks. Sometimes even while they’re in the shower!


8 Reasons Your Local Business Needs Yelp

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Yelp, the company that relies on crowdsourcing for reviews and user recommendations, is most closely associated with diners and local eateries. It might surprise you, though, to find out that Yelp’s biggest category isn’t restaurants, it’s shopping. In fact, with over 20 categories of businesses and services, Yelp is a great platform nearly any company to find and engage customers.


LinkedIn Will Be a Powerhouse in 2015

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When you think of social networks, Facebook or Twitter is probably the first thing that comes to mind -- but they’re not the only game in town. There’s another popular platform that’s used by 332 million people worldwide and gains two new members every second. At least 40 percent of its users check the site’s activity daily and more than eight percent visit during work hours. What site is it?   LinkedIn.


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