Instagram Stories is taking on Snapchat

Recently Instagram launched a new feature called Stories that strongly resembles Snapchat's section of the same name. You can add a photo or video to your story just by tapping the "+"  button in the top left hand corner of the app and choose to take a photo or 10 second video. You can draw on the picture or video by taping the pen tool in the top right hand corner, and add different filters by swiping left. You can also type directly onto the photo or video then resize the text by zooming in and rotating it.  If you tap "My Story" on the homepage and swipe up, it will show you who has watched each photo and video. 


Facebook Ads Are the Powerhouse Marketing Tool You Need


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When you think about ways to advertise your brand, it’s easy to dismiss Facebook as so 2012. To be sure, there are lots of new and exciting ways to market your business to customers, but Facebook Ads is a still a powerhouse tool that you can’t afford to ignore.

According to a new report from social advertising insight company Nanigans, Facebook advertising spend in Q3 2016 jumped an amazing 249 percent in the past year and return on ad spend increased a full 26 percent from 2015. “Thanks to continuous growth over the past year, video ads now constitute more than 50% of game advertiser mobile ad spend. Video’s share of mobile spend is up 20% from the prior quarter, and up 101% from Q3 2015,” notes Andrew Waber, Nanigans’ Market Insights and Media Relations Manager.


The Value of Twitter in the Social World

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With a diverse population using Twitter, you are bound to find your target audience.  That is not the only helpful tool of Twitter, here are ten more!

1.Can post/Tweet multiple times a day

While you don’t want to Tweet a million times a day, anywhere from one to five times a day would be great. It shows that your business is active. It also gives you the chance to show why your business is right for them, or at the very least, fun to follow.

2.User friendly

Twitter, on your mobile device or computer, is easy to use. You can stay up-to-date on current events, follow people you find important, and Tweet the things you want. There are some more complicated things that you can use on Twitter, but really all you need to do is spend some time playing around on it.


How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Ads

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LinkedIn ads are like many other social media ads. However, unlike other social media platforms, there is less targeting options given.

Use targeting methods

The people on LinkedIn are business professionals. Therefore, if that is your target audience you are in the right place. If you are looking for a particular niche within the community you can target them and get as granular as you would like.

However, keep in mind the more granular you are the less people you are reaching.


What Makes a Dream for Marketers


Get in on the ground floor with this interactive and platform compatible social media app. This will be a fun way to interact with your potential customers and create videos. The following are reasons why your new dream marketing app.

Works with other popular social media platforms

            Twitter and Instagram work well with this app. Often popular videos will show on Twitter when certain hashtags are tied to them. The app also allows you to pick an image to use when sharing and you can use your Instagram to make that image. This gives you access to more filters when creating your enticing image.


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