Does Your Small Business Need A Hyperlocal Digital Marketing Strategy?

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Across America, many small businesses still use their website like an old-fashioned yellow pages ad or online flyer. While much is written on the advantages of digital marketing, many small business owners just don't think those benefits will apply to them. They are not interested in converting website visitors into online leads using landing pages and contact forms. They need the people who live nearby to get off the sofa and walk down the street to their brick-and-mortar store or shop. If this sounds like your business, a hyperlocal digital marketing strategy can bring the benefits of online marketing to your in-person sales.


How to Hashtag Your Way To a Larger Client Base

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Hashtagging is a defining aspect of modern social media strategies. The little pound signs have practically gained infamy in the social media community nowadays. While it's widely agreed that going overboard with hashtags is likely to have a negative impact on content, learning how to use them effectively can bridge the gap between potential clients and your business. Here are some tips on how to make the most out of your hashtags:


Which Social Media Outlet is Right for You?

A concise and deliberate social media strategy is the key to success when it comes to expanding a client base. Each social media outlet has its own built-in demographic, and it's important to be able to evaluate which site would benefit your business more. Below we've broken down the four most popular social media sites and their key demographics/uses:

Facebook. It's a well-known fact that Facebook is the reigning leader in the world of social media. Being the world's largest network has its advantages and active promotion on Facebook gives your brand access to a wider audience. With new additions to their algorithms and the added ability to "promote" your posts among demographics, an active Facebook presence is necessary for almost any brand/business.


Ways to Protect Your Business When Social Media Is Harming Your Reputation

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Social media can help your business to build relationships and stay connected with customers and fans. However, for many businesses, the sometimes aggressive culture of social media can have a negative affect your company's reputation. Regardless, there are some easy ways to protect yourself and avoid potential problems that could negatively impact your business online.

All across the world, companies are considering their reputation as one of their most challenging hurdles. For many, their reputation is a critical asset. Therefore, it is important to have a strategy that identifies, manages, and has control of your company's image. Don't you agree? It is not enough to create promotional content and press releases. Your company must actively engage with customers using social media.


6 Cool Social Media Post Ideas to Attract Your Market

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Are you struggling in deciding what to post on social media? Many businesses focus on promoting their products, services and company advertisements. Yet, people don’t go on social media to buy…they want to connect and engage.

It’s important that your content appeals to your audience by sharing value, offering solutions to problems, and being a source of information and inspiration. This is at the heart of the inbound marketing way. You will attract more followers to your message through value versus advertising your next promotion.

The following outlines 6 cool social media ideas that you can implement in your social strategy to begin attracting your ideal customer to your content.


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